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Kandy's management team would to share with all of you articles and tid bits that we find through our journey at this amazing club. Hopefully these can either help your experience at Kandy's be a little more enjoyable (than it already was!) or simply give you a laugh. Have fun reading.

We currently found this little gem in the latest article of ED Publications. It is an opinionated piece by Mike Schiele:


The TOP 10 Rules for Strip Club Patrons


       1.) Don't go to the strip club broke. Strip clubs are like malls. Going to the mall when you're broke is something people do when the have no lives. If you have no money, there are plenty of viable options to better spend your time(and not waste ours). You can go to the beach, take a walk through the park, or take a moment to call an old relative and catch up.But if you have less than $100 dollars in your pocket, going to a strip club and staring at the women (or going to the mall and staring at the latest iPhone that you can't afford) is pathetic, and everyone around you is making fun of you.


      2.)Everyone in that club is working for tips, the staff included. If the DJ plays one of your song requests, tip them. If a floor host clears your ash trayfor you, or lets you use their lighter, tip them. Tip everyone. The door girl, the bathroom valet. Even the manager appreciates the occasional tip. If you are asking them to run to the safe every 10 minutes to get you more singles, toss them a few. They will appreciate it. These people are often paid very little money by the club, under the assumption that you, the customer, won't be a cheap bag of shit. If you cannot afford to tip the staff, refer to rule number 1.


      3.) Do not argue about the cover charge. If a bar has a live band and you have to pay a cover, you don't argue with them. If you go to a museum, water park or any other entertainment venue, you must pay to be admitted. You can't go to the movies and haggle with the lady in the box office over price to watch "The Avengers," so don't argue with the door girl in a strip club about the price of admission.


     4.) As a follow up to #3, paying your $10 to get you into the strip club does not give you an "All Access VIP pass". Just because you dropped a few bucks to get inside doesn't grant you the right to sit up front at the stage, clutching your last $3 all night while you creepily stare at all the dancers and refuse to tip. Strippers are not a local garage band playing at your local dive bar. They do not get a cut of the door money. They survive on tips. So if you don't plan on tipping the girls, don't sit at the stage. Or, better yet, just don't come at all. If there is any confusion on this issue, refer to rule #1.


     5.) Stop "smacking" the money onto dancer's asses. I'm not sure who started this trend, but whoever they are should be taken out into the town square and egged. It's demeaning, and makes you look just as much as an asshole as it makes them look like a piece of cattle. And if you insist on being an asshole, do it with more than $4 at a time. If you're going to be a douche, at least be a douche with money.


     6.) Tip all the girls. ALL of them. No exceptions. You do not need to necessarily tip them all equally. Obviously, if there are one or two you like more than the others, you can tip them more. But if you are the guy who tips five girls, and then moves away from the stage in obvious fashion whenever the other five go on, you're a dickwad. Don't like blondes? Don't like black girls? Too fucking bad. They're all dancing naked for you. They are already feeling vulnerable and exposed and deal with assholes all night. Don't make them more uncomfortable and self conscious. Tip everyone. Period.


     7.) Don't complain about the price of drinks. You came to a strip club. They have been more expensive than other bars since the beginning of time. That's the way life goes. I can't go into Pete Luger's Steak house and complain that the ribeye that I had at outback last week was only $18 and came with free sides. Again.....refer to rule #1.


     8.) Don't come to watch the game and then complain about strippers bothering you for dances. Yeah, it's on in the background. It's nice to be able to keep up with the score. But we are a gentlemen's club. If you want to come and watch the game without being bothered then go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Also this will help you with the problem meantioned in rule #7, as their beer is much cheaper than ours.


     9.) Pull your pants up, don't wear wifebeaters, and try to look like a grown up. Gentlemen's club literally have the word "gentlemen" in the title. Try to come in not looking like you're going to shoot up the place.


   10.) For the love of God, when it's closing time, don't linger! Being a lingerer makes you a creep, a douche, and an inconsiderate asshole all rolled up into one. If you spend a total of $17 all night in the club, but now you want to spend your last $50 on two last minute dances, you're not going to convince a dancer to follow you home in the course of two songs. You'd have to have some amazing game to pull that off, and let's be honest, you wouldn't be in a strip club at 3 am on Friday night if that were the case. Also, most of us have worked all night. We're tired. We're cranky. We've been dealing with assholes like you all night, and we all want to get out of herre so we can all meet up at Waffle House and make fun of you for violating all 10 of thesse rules while we eat waffles. Go Home! We'll be open tomorrow.